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Digital growth

Lab Digital has 15 years of experience in digital and e-commerce. Innovation is in our blood, as is a strong drive for high quality. Lab Digital employs around 35 specialists, both in the technological field and on the creative side that allows us to design, build and run products for our clients. We help our clients evolve to the next level in digital maturity, achieving growth by working in close cooperation and always keeping a close eye on delivery.



User experience is a starting point for us and the (end) user is the central point we reason from. This means the customer journey is the driving factor in many (if not all) of our projects. Our development activities are typically complex and scalable and we like to work with Python, Go, React and React Native.

  • Technical advice
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  • Cloud hosting
  • Websites
  • E-commerce
  • Online strategy
  • Design
  • Operate & Optimise
  • Bespoke software
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Liander is a grid manager for 3 million Dutch homes and businesses. Lab Digital supports Liander on a variety of fronts in digitising its services and further optimising them. The three main service pillars of Lab Digital that form the thread: UX as a starting point, cutting edge bespoke software development and a cloud-native approach as a foundation.



Lab Digital works for various parts of Danone, where digitization and the development of smart (international) tooling form a common theme. For more information about our activities for Danone, contact us.


Toyota Private Lease

Develop a leasing tool that converts as best as possible on smartphone, tablet and desktop. Within a tight timeframe, Lab Digital developed the new lease tool for Toyota/Lexus Private Lease, commissioned by Alcredis Finance. Unlocked within the existing system landscape of Toyota and Lexus, fully responsive and also accessible within all dealer websites of Toyota and Lexus.

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Amstel Gold Race

Every year thousands cycle the Amstel Gold Race: the largest cycling event in the Netherlands. In close collaboration with Heineken and Amstel Gold Race, Lab Digital developed the registration platform for this prestigious event. In less than 2 months, a high traffic registration page and administration environment were designed and built a scalable solution based on the Python framework Django.

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Arie Fixt 't

A new concept in which we have developed an MVP version of the Arie Fixt 't App in collaboration with our client. We contributed to the concept, worked out UX and designs, and then started the technical realization of the React Native app. With this app customers can plan maintenance for their excavators, order maintenance items in the shop and quickly contact Arie for other support.


Pon Business Mobility

Together with Pon, Lab Digital created a new website as a new initiative concerning mobility solutions for companies cause of the large change in travel needs. The content platform gives visitors a lot of information about actuality and offers a total solution in cooperation with Mind, Greenwheels, Shuttle and more.

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Lab Digital supports several of Innogy's (international) OpCo's - in the Netherlands these are Essent and EnergieDirect in implementing cross-channel conversion optimisation and developing smart tools in the field of automated, data-driven advertising applications linked to customer data. This makes it possible to drive customer retention and acquisition.



Lab Digital developed an entirely new corporate identity, a powerful online strategy and an inspiring company website for Transtrend. A customer with a great story resulting in a unique collaboration for both parties. The combination of (digital) creativity and the follow-up steps in the field of digitization go hand in hand with Transtrend.

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All your finances, arranged and always in order. That is what Hanno stands for. Lab Digital has been able to provide this through an intensive cooperation period between the technological and creative aspects that resulted in a strong functional platform. The platform offers a mix between usability, smart technology and of course security. Meanwhile Hanno makes lives easier.

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Landport Europe is a specialist in batteries, chargers and accessories. Digitisation is playing an increasingly important role in this sector, while the importance of personal customer contact remains an essential condition for commercial success. Lab Digital advised Landport on the intersection of e-commerce and digitalisation of Landport's services.



A large international webshop for animals and outdoor living with more than 150,000 products online. Based on Python and the open source e-commerce framework Django Oscar, this high-converting webshop was redeveloped within 5 months. Agradi and Lab Digital keep developing new functionality as well as expanding to other countries.

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Go Private Lease

Alcredis (part of the Louwman Group) has decades of experience in finance within the automotive industry. The fact that Alcredis now has its own private lease platform makes it even more powerful. The experience in finance, automotive and an enterprising drive plus the combination with new technology make the new Go private lease platform agile.

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Marie-Stella-Maris is an Amsterdam-based lifestyle brand offering natural care products, luxurious home fragrances and natural mineral water. Lab Digital developed a mobily friendly and internationally focussed B2B portal which allows resellers of Marie-Stella-Maris to order products.


Pica Typen

Lab Digital realized an e-learning environment for Blink. The Pica team has translated their experience and technical requirements into a dynamic and interactive learning environment. Through a clear tool, schools manage their student accounts and can watch in real time. The result: an innovative platform, scalable and usable for users and on all devices.

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Shuttel represents 21st century mobility. Lab Digital developed the next phase e-commerce environment for this high-tech mobility product intended for Shuttel's end customers. The boundless possibilities in the field of (digital) loyalty means that an e-commerce environment must form a strong foundation. Lab Digital is also responsible for Shuttel's infrastructure within Amazon Web Services.



What if your neighbours could receive your parcels when you're not home? With this proposition in mind the startup (app) Confy was born. Lab Digital worked on the proposition and technology and, in close cooperation with the client, is taking care of the further development of this platform.

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