Our services

What we do

UX, Strategy & Design

The digital products we build offer maximum added value for your end user. We achieve this by looking at your goals, intended results and user needs. Customer journey mapping, prototyping and powerful design are key concepts for this.

eCommerce technology

We make flexible and robust eCommerce solutions for some of the world's best-loved and emerging brands. Using mostly headless technology, we are experienced in helping to realise new e-commerce strategies that we can deliver turn-key.

Content management

We offer scalable and contemporary content management solutions. We facilitate brand/ corporate websites and large web platforms that can be easily rolled out internationally. Our solutions integrate seamlessly with modern e-commerce technology.


More and more apps are part of a business-critical process. With our extensive experience, we can facilitate maximum performance, ease of use and safety. All while ensuring seamless connections with external services or e-commerce.

Cloud architectuur

The use of different cloud platforms is a common thread in our services. Lab Digital is a partner of Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. As such, we can help you to set up highly scalable hosting infrastructure, or any other specific cloud service.

Software engineering

Specific digital issues need specific, custom code. We can provide you with high quality custom technology that is fully tailored to your needs and objectives. Every day, our experienced architects and engineers deliver extremely innovative work.


You don’t have to worry about maintenance, further development and optimization of the digital products we have realized together. If desired, we can fully take over, also with 24/7 support.