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Craftsmanship in technology and reaching new heights in our social responsibility. Both in the results of our digital expertise and daily operations as a company in society, we focus on making a positive impact.

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Lab Digital is a young company in terms of age and at the same time an experienced company when looking at our seniority in the digital work field, with strong engineering DNA. Clients name us for our profound knowledge and how we create trustful and long-term partnerships, with keeping promises and high-quality delivery as standard ingredients.


...strategy for breakfast

Our company culture forms the foundation of all we do. The focus on the well-being and needs of our team members is part of our daily operating model, resulting in a modern and sustainable work environment. Besides this, we feel that modern companies should actively participate in global social themes to create a better world for future generations. Multiple social initiatives are a constant given — some with a strong connection to our digital expertise, some not.


the past, the now, the future

We live and work in the now, but reflecting on the decisions that brought us here is important to us. Only then can we make the right future decisions in the ever-evolving technological work field and take our social responsibility in challenging global themes.

Lab Digital was founded in 2015 by a small group of digital specialists who had already worked together for ten years. Even then, our dream was to become the best digital agency in delivering high-quality applications for clients with serious digital ambitions and to become the #1 digital agency to work with because of our strong human focus.


the dream

Focusing on our dreams and the everlasting support of our network resulted in steady growth in our first years - In 2018, the team had grown to 35 specialists.

Our drive to stay ahead in the evolving landscape helped us work for large international companies. The choice to remain loyal to sharing our tech vision and open-sourcing essential parts of our work gave us even more opportunities.

The dedicated focus on our company culture formed the foundation for independence and further growth. In 2021 the team comprised 85 specialists with a passion for engineering, human well-being and social responsibility.

Our entrepreneurial mindset is focused on bringing the ‘original 2015 dream’ to the next level - both on a digital and social level.


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Contact us to hear more about our career framework for lead software developers. We offer a modern foundation for your ambitions and growth.