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knives & tools:
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Knivesandtools faced the monumental task of modernizing their ecommerce presence amidst growing international demands. Operating across multiple countries with various websites like and, the challenge was to unify these into a single platform that could support rapid expansion, maintain unique brand identities, and deliver an unmatched customer experience, all while reducing operating costs.


Decrease hosting costs while keeping unique content, brand and business specifics intact.


Manage 20+ storefronts and marketplaces across multiple brands and countries.


Integrate a modern composable commerce platform with legacy back office systems.

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Lab Digital embarked on a transformative journey with Knivesandtools, leveraging a high-level strategy focused on deploying a MACH composable commerce architecture. This approach allowed us to:

  • Seamlessly roll out new sites across multiple markets, navigating the complexities of international ecommerce.

  • Significantly decrease operating costs by optimizing infrastructure and streamlining platform management.

  • Integrate cutting-edge technology with legacy systems, ensuring a smooth transition and minimal disruption to business operations.

customer experience

At the heart of our technological evolution is the ability to rapidly iterate on the customer experience. Our choice of technology unlocks unparalleled opportunities to tailor ecommerce solutions that not only meet but exceed customer expectations, providing a seamless, engaging shopping journey.

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& tools

Transitioning from a classic ASP application to a modern, composable commerce solution enabled Knivesandtools to not only enter new markets like Ireland, Spain, Italy, Denmark, and Sweden but also to set the stage for future growth. This strategic shift to a MACH architecture underscored our commitment to flexibility, scalability, and innovation. By working with partners including commercetools, Amplience and Akaneo and building on an AWS cloud hosted platform, we were able to leverage best in class SaaS solutions to rapidly deliver value and enable a programme of continuous improvement.

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future outlook

With an optimistic view towards growth and innovation, Knivesandtools plans to continue expanding internationally, enhancing search functionalities, and developing a dedicated platform for collectors. This forward-looking approach is underpinned by a commitment to continuous improvement and delivering exceptional value to customers.

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knives & tools

Part of the Apeldoorn-based KATO Group, Knivesandtools was founded in 1999 and quickly grew into the one-stop shop for cooking and outdoor enthusiasts. Think kitchen or pocketknives, but also torches and binoculars. The Knivesandtools webshop team is dedicated to expanding their categories with tested, reliable gear and can guarantee you will find the high-quality equipment you like. Just be careful with your new sharp purchases, they don't sell band-aids!