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confidently delivering your product

Through a well-defined and refined delivery process, we can deliver a wide range of digital solutions. In that process, which is preceded by our strategy services, we cover the end-to-end delivery of digital solutions: from UX and design to implementation, to taking the platforms into production in the cloud. We do this in an approach that ranges from delivering an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) in a couple of sprints, to a multi-team continuous delivery way of working, and everything in between.

products we deliver

design, build and operate

digital commerce platforms

Beautifully designed, modern and large-scale e-commerce platforms that convert

content platforms

Branding-driven, blazing-fast content infrastructures

customer applications

Bespoke digital customer experiences that are a joy to use

enterprise applications and APIs

Custom tools that help you manage your digital business processes effectively and provide those as public APIs.


discovery & development

Closely connected to our strategic services, a critical part of the delivery process is the product discovery process. This is the phase in which we discover the concrete details we need clarity about, in order to start development productively and with the end result in mind.

Often this phase covers the UX research and journey design alongside architecture and technology decisions. This includes identifying integrations with external systems and dependencies and defining what functional and non-functional requirements look like. Based on those inputs, a concrete team configuration, planning and roadmap can be created.

An important part of successfully executing this phase, and something that we watch carefully, is to keep it simple and to do ‘just enough’ in order for projects to start. It is often tempting to dive into a lot of detail, but this is often not necessary and can be made part of the project itself.

Following the discovery phase, the development phase of the project will commence through an agile way of working, which we have practised for over 15 years.

dedicated development teams

Every project and product is different and requires different team configurations. But one thing that always leads to success is keeping that team together and focused for the long term. This is the ideal approach to deliver successful digital products and continually improve over time.

Our teams are structured around single clients, and they work for them continuously. The most successful teams are the ones that work side by side with the client. Occasionally, our teams are extended with developers from the client, who learn our way of working. This is a great way to fuel your digital transformation.

Dedicated development teams graph

We follow an agile methodology, work in iterations of 2 or 3 weeks, and aim to release new features into production continuously.

cloud and DevOps

Cloud and DevOps are an integral part of our approach - not only during delivery but throughout the entire lifecycle of building our products. It starts with designing architecture in a cloud-native way and implementing that accordingly, leveraging cloud-native tools where we can. This means that our teams are well equipped to work with the cloud-native tools of AWS and Azure, and that we have proper standards, best practices, and boilerplates for them to use.

operational services

When the software is in production, we ensure that it is monitored carefully and kept up to date regularly. And in case something happens, we have an infrastructure in place - governed by an SLA that we agree on - to notify the right people to resolve incidents quickly.

Throughout our process, we focus on building software that can deploy to, and run in, production reliantly and at scale, without downtime. We leverage modern cloud-native tools and practices to ensure availability, security, and performance. Having done this for many years, this is a standardised approach across our projects, making it exceptionally reliable.


we're looking for a

backend software engineer (typescript/node.js)

When you’re ready for a real step up in the digital work field, Lab Digital can offer a modern foundation for your ambitions and growth.