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Customer experience strategy is about positive experiences throughout the customer journey and determining the ideal approach to provide them. But it is perhaps mostly about understanding customers.

cx strategy at lab digital

Being or becoming a successful organisation in a rapidly changing digital world requires, amongst other things, a solid understanding of customer needs. But it is not just about understanding; it is just as much about being able to generate inspiring, novel and effective ideas to turn those insights into impactful experiences. At Lab Digital, customer experience is front and centre, and our proven approach is all about challenging the status quo and creating a healthy breeding ground for creativity.

service design

We operate at the intersection of customer needs, business goals, and technology because we believe the best solution hides where those forces meet. By applying several practices in service design thinking, we can combine those three domains and define what we need to focus on, either through a service blueprint, a customer journey map, or something else. We are always open to new ideas, we work agile and iterative, and we have developed our own view on design sprinting, workshopping, and (digital) collaboration. Every project deserves a tailored approach; as such, we tread carefully when it comes to standardization, never losing sight of the end goal: a happy customer.



customer insights


One of the advantages of being both a creative and a leading tech agency is that we often both design and develop our solutions.

As such, generating data to validate our ideas comes naturally to us. We are geeks and love data to back our bold claims up. That doesn’t mean we don’t trust our instincts, and in some cases, our gut feeling triumphs over reason. In addition, data isn’t always available or relevant. It’s all about finding the sweet spot.

In practice, we organise usability tests, interviews, workshops and design sprints. We build clickable prototypes and integrate them with analytics, optimisation tooling and CRM/ERP. In other words, from quantitative to qualitative research and an approach to use the generated insights to improve, we have you covered.

Let’s be honest. Data has always been important. But our access to valuable data keeps getting better and better. There is a plethora of powerful tooling at our disposal, and our processes around those tools keep improving as time goes on. We will help you seize control of your data by challenging you to break down your main objective into key performance indicators and bite-sized chunks. We will help you pick the right tools for the job to analyse, experiment and optimise – and turn everything into an effective and enjoyable recurring cycle.


design strategy


Design is about solving problems with creativity and flair
About creating colourful compositions, hierarchy and structure
Design is about speaking the language of customers
About increasing clarity and reducing complexity
Design is about being pragmatic and buoyant
It’s about daring to reject the status quo
And embracing, yet iterating on, best practices

We are designers

At its core, a brand is just a name and a reputation, and a strong visual presence is often attached to it. Our core competence is to help shape your digital presence, which often requires evolving the visual identity to prepare it for everything the digital landscape will throw at it.

And there are lots of challenges, from mobile screens to animations and dynamic content, and from websites to social media posts and videos. We structure the digital presence from the ground up, digital-first. That’s how we will be able to truly leave a mark.


workshops & iterations

A staple in our way of working is co-creation. We love workshopping, whether it’s about inspiration or getting our hands dirty and sketching the ideal flow or storyline. Content – and more specifically: messages aimed at specific target audiences – play a major role in our approach, and we have developed deliverables to map them.


a digital design system

We strongly believe designing for a digital landscape benefits from a powerful and flexible design system built upon the core visual concept and contains practical tools and examples for implementation. A design system ensures consistency across the landscape and allows for a much more efficient process.


If you are in need of an organisation that will challenge your visual identity, your creative goals and your brand strategy - an agency that understands technology like no other that will help shape a next-level digital experience

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