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we are part of society and bear the responsibility to give back and make an impact

An impact that is even greater because we are a unified team. We are Lab Digital; our DNA is formed by individuals. That’s why the fit as a person is valued over everything else. With every new person, our DNA changes and enhances the company culture even more. Our personal touch defines us. We are tech, creative, and understand our client's business. We continue to grow—the right way.

When you apply for a new job, it’s not just for a role. You’re choosing a company.


We love working with and contributing to open source projects. We believe it is the key for building high quality software efficiently and highly encourage anyone to contribute.

For an overview of our open source efforts, read more here!


when creativity thrives, everyone does

On top of being a leader in technology, we have a (fiercely) creative team. Having strategists, designers and developers work together not only leads to a better result; it leads to a more joyful, inspirational, and energetic work environment where stuff happens, and ideas are cheered for.

A painting? Why not. That funny thing you said during our last refinement? Let's put it on the wall. We want to know about your 'taste' in music, so bring it on, or bring your dog. Got a great “get to the chopper”? Take part in our podcast.

Solutions get challenged and built upon, and evolve into a product that makes everyone happy. Let's find out if our work environment can make you happy too!