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Good engineers are also often ‘lazy’. Not in a negative sense, but out of a drive to be as efficient as possible and automate recurring tasks and reuse code where you can. At Lab Digital this is central to our Engineering Culture and has many benefits across our services.

Contributing libraries and tools as open-source projects are one of these. And an additional one, which was greatly propelled by the ‘composable architecture’ movement, is the creation of reusable components and integrations, which we call commerce accelerators.

Over the years we have been able to develop all kinds of standalone components that are reusable across digital commerce projects and use cases. They follow the “MACH composer”-way of creating components and incorporate our standard libraries, which means they are compatible with modern MACH composer architecture and practices.

components include:
  • A composable-ready Apollo GraphQL Federation implementation with support for commercetools
  • A service that integrates Amplience CMS with Apollo GraphQL, allowing content to be exposed through a unified graph
  • An Akeneo PIM integration with commercetools
  • Payment gateway integrations for Braintree, Stripe, Buckaroo, Klarna and more
  • Paazal shipping integration for commercetools
  • A Google Analytics-based product popularity service
  • Tax integration with Vertex, for commercetools
  • A commercetools integration with channelengine, to synchronise products to marketplaces

Next to those functional components, we have ready-made Terraform modules for secure and scalable MACH infrastructures in both AWS and Microsoft Azure, designed with event-driven and serverless principles.

All of our components are used in production across several sites and process hundreds to thousands of orders per day. So, we consider them battle tested.

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Starting from scratch with a composable commerce architecture is a lot of work. And in our view, something that’s almost never required. Many composable commerce projects share a lot of characteristics and can therefore be partly implemented by standard components. This allows the team to focus on what’s specific, and at the same time speeds up delivery.

To speed up delivery, we offer a fully-featured front-end implementation based on NextJS. Combined with our library of commerce accelerators, we can offer an almost complete implementation of a MACH architecture.

Especially in proof of concept and proof of value setups, this offers a great entry point for getting started with MACH and Composable architecture, as it allows for quick deployment of a set of modern technologies.


building stronger partnerships

To help us build stronger partnerships and expand our role within the industry we have joined the MACH Alliance, a vendor-neutral non-profit organisation whose goal is to educate and support the industry in understanding what the next generation of technology can deliver. The MACH Alliance’s mission is to aid in the transition from legacy infrastructure and architecture to modern, scalable, composable solutions.


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