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our fully open-source framework for delivering composable architectures

composable architecture is hard!

Building a distributed system with composable architecture principles is not easy. You will face technical challenges, as well as organisational challenges. Particularly the development team's way of working is something that you will have to reinvent when going composable.

At Lab Digital we went through this transformation a while ago. As a company, we’ve always been cloud native-minded, which made it slightly easier for us we think, but still many patterns and practices needed to change in order to effectively build MACH and Composable architecture solutions.

With the approach being new, no existing solution or framework was available to us, so we decided to capture our best practices and patterns into our own framework: MACH composer.

compose with experience

MACH composer is a technology and cloud-agnostic, serverless microservice architecture designed for single and multi-tenant MACH platforms. Battle-tested, fully open source and built on industry standards.

Through our experience with a number of high-profile projects at scale, we've developed a standardised way of working and technical architecture, to build MACH platforms. This has led to a suite of tools, principles and boilerplate modules, that we call MACH composer.

This means that MACH composer is both a developer tool, as well as a project methodology and architecture for composable commerce projects.

building reusable MACH components

Especially powerful when using MACH composer, is that it enforces a reusable approach to building individual components (of microservices). It encourages building domain services that contain a particular set of functionalities, in a standalone way.

Doing this means that individual components, for example, a payment integration, become inherently reusable, as they are built in a context-independent way.

This is particularly useful for use cases where not a single MACH environment needs to be supported, but many. For example, when supporting multiple brands across multiple countries.

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