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The elegance, simplicity, and robustness of the Python language are the primary reasons we like it.

Python and its ecosystem, which we’ve been part of for over 15 years, offers a versatile programming environment that can handle just about any use case we throw at it. Whether it's a command-line utility, a monolithic web service application, or a serverless microservice, the Python ecosystem offers a mature set of tools to create those with.

Next to that, the Python language is considered the most-used programming language in the world, according to the TIOBE index, which ensures that knowledge is widely available.


When building web applications using Python, we do this often in combination with Django. It is our framework of choice as it is extremely mature in regards to the overall quality, ease of use, documentation, and the community. There is also a wide variety of high-quality software libraries created around the Django framework, so we don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

Being Django practitioners for more than 15 years means that we know every corner of the framework and the ecosystem. This makes us really productive regarding the

software development and gives us room to focus on the business-specific implementation details.

Technologies we often combine with Django:

  • Docker
  • PostgreSQL and Redis
  • Django Rest Framework
  • Celery for async processes


When we create content websites with Django, we rely on Wagtail CMS. Wagtail is one of the most well-known open-source CMS solutions within the Python ecosystem. In our opinion, it is one of the best CMS solutions currently available in the market, focusing on both Developer and Editor ease of use. Organisations such as Google, NASA, and Apple use Wagtail for many of their sites because of this.

We are an active open-source contributor to Wagtail, having contributed to both the core system and publishing several utility libraries around it, such as the wagtail-2fa package, which adds 2-factor authentication to Wagtail. We also sponsor Wagtail-related events, such as Wagtail Space.


Next to contributions in the form of code, we are also active sponsors of Python and Django software foundations.