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inclusion, diversity, equality, and safety at Lab

Inclusion, diversity, and equality are important topics in a modern company. Inclusion comprehends people's involvement and empowerment. When people feel included and safe, their worth is recognised and respected. You are at your best when you are your authentic self. Only when everyone can be their authentic self can we deliver our maximum potential as a team.


We will not discriminate. Selection and rejection in recruitment will only be based on motivation and potential fit for the role. We encourage people to apply even if they do not feel represented yet in our current team. The same applies to giving opportunities for growth or professional development. These will always be based on needs or merit. It’s up to you which steps you make.

speak up

When someone feels they are not being treated equally, in the broadest sense of the word, they can report this. There are multiple ways to raise a concern, and we will always take it seriously. We’ve rewritten our Code of Conduct, which is the first step in taking equality and safety within our organisation to the next level.

continue to improve

There is always room for improvement. We continue to improve on these subjects and create an even better environment every day. Everyone at Lab Digital contributes to the success of our organisation and should feel an equal part of it.

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