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the working from home policy

In March 2020, everyone at Lab Digital started working from home. Unfortunately, we soon discovered some flaws.

the why

Work is more than trading eight hours of your time for money. You work almost 1500 hours per year. That is the same number of flight hours a pilot needs to get an Airline Transport Pilot License. You could walk from London to Moscow – That’s a serious amount of time. We believe everyone should enjoy their work and that work is more than delivering lines of code. It’s social connections, bonding, learning from each other, having a common purpose, and giving something back to society, knowing that you are creating something of value. Overcoming hurdles, problems, challenges, and difficulties. It means growing as a person and trying out new things, making mistakes and learning. But not just you alone at home - all of you. Together.

It’s not easy doing this entirely from home. Many experienced people can probably do most aspects. But what about not-so-experienced people? Others in your team? We need the approachability of working beside each other and being able to jump into a conversation happening beside you. But also the personal touch of having lunch and getting to know each other. To bond.

the policy

Our teams have at least two days to work from the office as a complete team. And on the other days, you can choose to work from home or the office. Depending on the role, some people might be in the office more often.

Any questions about this? Reach out to Vivianne.