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what freedom means

Freedom is having the power or right to act, speak or think as you want. But many areas in which freedom is experienced are taken for granted. A lot of freedom in The Netherlands feels obvious. You can choose to wear a hijab or not. You can vote how you want. But there is freedom, or lack of freedom, in organisations too.

freedom at lab digital

In our organisation, freedom and working autonomously is essential. It requires trust within all layers and a safe working environment. It also requires a clear vision of where our organisation wants to go. To ensure that everyone moves towards a common goal while balancing their personal life and work.

With over 80+ people, there are bound to be people with different opinions. It makes us strong and sheds light on views that otherwise would not have been heard. So yes, people make mistakes and learn from them. Or your team will make a choice that you, as an individual, might not fully agree with. But never stop speaking up. Share your thoughts and opinions. Open a discussion. And act together as a team.

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