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makes us different

From the first day, we’ve been a technology-driven company. Not just coding but building bespoke consumer platforms and adding long-term value to large e-commerce organisations. Our goal is to know the client’s business, so we help them grow and evolve through modern technology.

quality over quantity

We value quality over quantity and build platforms that have value and can last and evolve with technology and the client’s business in the long run. That doesn’t mean that there are no mistakes. But when an issue arises, we are determined to solve the problem and learn from it.

our people & culture

One of the other things that make us different is the people. Our people have a common denominator: passion and an everlasting urge to continue growing, improving, and making things better. We enjoy our time together, which you can feel when walking around here. You can read more about our culture here.

we care

Our people shape Lab Digital, so we need to care for them. From a personal present with a handwritten card on your birthday to a growth program to help you to continue to grow professionally and as a person.

But caring is more. Caring is also about our place in this world. Where we can and should give back to society, we do this based on what our employees want: things that are happening or that they want to contribute to. From teaching and doing workshops on schools in disadvantaged neighbourhoods (collaboration with Jinc) to donating supplies and time to refugees.

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