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why others have chosen
Lab Digital

If you are still on the fence, here are a few arguments for why our latest employees have chosen Lab Digital 😊

okke (senior software engineer)

I was convinced to choose Lab Digital because of the focus on high-quality digital e-commerce platforms with a vision of technology.

rick (senior javascript engineer)

Lab Digital feels like a place where I can do passionate development work with an inspiring team and thriving projects for big names.

marc (operations & delivery manager)

Lab Digital felt like a moving train. There is a clear vision of where they want to go in the future, and the train is already moving fast towards it. So, it felt like a great opportunity to be allowed to join at the right time. It’s a fast-growing company full of ambitions and clear goals. That, combined with people who, in my opinion, can make it all happen, makes it a "recipe for success"—something you want to be part of.

alec (cloud engineer, part-time while also doing bs, information technology @ utrecht university)

After working at another company for a year, I thought I had learned everything there was there. And I started looking further. Now I feel I'm in a really good place and learning an awful lot! More than at my studies!

elze (people & operations specialist)

I was so happy with the job description, which spoke much more about the person than the required experience. And saying that is one thing but acting on it is what Lab Digital does! Not just next-level digital, but also next-level hiring 😉 ! The focus here is on the longer-term win-win. What do you want to achieve, and how can Lab Digital contribute to that? I can honestly say that you also feel this when you get started.