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technology trailblazers - glen dimplex heats up e-commerce


the challenge

With all the brand sites built on Acquia, Glen Dimplex was seeking a solution to make all brand sites transactional to consumers with a quick time to market, with a minimal impact on the technical landscape.

  • Transform experience-oriented brand websites into ecommerce platforms
  • Apply a composable architecture frame to the existing technology
  • Ensure a rapid time-to-market capability


3 markets

  • DTC platform launched in 3 markets

6-8 weeks

  • average time to market for new regions

Commerce enabled

  • on existing Acquia sites with a standardised framework
our approach

We worked closely alongside the internet agency that handles the brand sites for Glen Dimplex. Precise coordination resulted in a pleasant collaboration, meeting the agreed deadlines and a smooth launch of the ecommerce capabilities.

  • Supported the Glen Dimplex digital team with strategic and technical guidance to build a long term roadmap.
  • Created a framework to add commerce capabilities to existing brand websites.
  • Collaborated with Glen Dimplex’s team and other suppliers to deliver training and operational support.

technology & tools

We integrated commercetools as the commerce solution within the existing Acquia websites. Commercetools provides the cart- and the checkout-functionalities, this allowed us to easily add transactional functions to the existing website without interfering with existing technology. By using a composable architecture, Glen Dimplex can roll out new brands or regions in 6-8 weeks without having to change the existing brand sites.


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about glen dimplex

Glen Dimplex, headquartered in Ireland, is the largest manufacturer of electrical heating appliances globally and a leading provider of domestic appliances, cooling, ventilation, and renewable energy solutions. Incorporated in 1973 as Glen Electric with 10 employees, the company now has annual revenue exceeding €1.5 billion and employs over 8,000 staff across Europe, North America, Asia, and Australia/Oceania.