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foundations of innovation: heijmans' journey to excellence


the challenge

Heijmans’ activities span a wide array of clients (consumers and private businesses to local and central government), the challenge was to express the activities of the company in a way that’s understandable for a broader audience through a new, powerful corporate website. To address this, Heijmans revised their communication strategy, focusing on storytelling and meaningful content, giving in-depth insights into how Heijmans helps make the world a bit more accessible through infrastructure.

  • Establish a highly customizable website, allowing for visually impactful storytelling
  • Expand their target audience to include new regions and new personas
  • Preserve a solid data analysis infrastructure to measure and improve the customer experience
Lab Digital helped us set up a future-proof and easy-to-maintain platform, that is also visually impactful and offers lots of room to tell our stories. It’s the beginning of a long-lasting collaboration!
- Marit Overbeek, Heijmans

our approach

A team of customer experience designers and visual designers, developers, testers and a project manager joined forces with the Heijmans team to deliver ongoing development of the Heijmans brand experience.

technology & tools

In line with Heijmans’ wish, our solution was built around storytelling. Content editors can use templates to easily set up and manage content pages with extensive collections of images, photography and full-screen videos, textual statements (typography), and hierarchy between the different page sections. With the headless open-source CMS platform Wagtail, we ensured a performant experience for all visitors.


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about heijmans

Over 100 years ago, Jan Heijmans established a self-named road-paving company in the Dutch Brabant region which would go on to become one of the leading Dutch construction companies. Heijmans today is a listed enterprise with over 4500 people, specialised in property development, construction as well as technical services and the building of large-scale infrastructure projects: from the renovation of Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum to the development of Utrecht’s Leidsche Rijn area. There is one aspect which fundamentally sets them apart from competition: their focus on sustainability.