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We love creating digital products that delight our users and contribute to a company’s success. We are experts in building digital commerce and content platforms as well as enterprise applications and consumer experiences.


We love creating digital tools that delight our users. Over the years, we have built up our specialisation in several digital product categories, as shown below.

A common denominator in these products is that usually they solve and implement challenging business problems using a variety of approaches and technologies.

Through our strategic services, we decide which approach to take and which tools to use. And often, a combination (sometimes all) of the below categories is used to achieve our goals.

digital commerce

At Lab Digital, we are experts in designing, building and operating e-commerce platforms. We’ve been doing this for many years and at any scale.

Through modern composable architectures, we implement large-scale digital commerce solutions that are often multi-lingual, multi-brand and multi-country. Lab Digital is a front-runner in implementing these and is recognised as one of the more advanced partners in the industry.

Through our strategic services, we can envision your digital commerce future, and through our delivery and operations services, we can implement these for our clients.


content platforms

When a brand needs to communicate its story online, this often means that an outstanding corporate website needs to be built. These can range in complexity from a UX, Design and technological perspective.

Using both SAAS and open-source technologies, we create content-driven websites for local and international brands. These range from individual corporate websites to platforms that service 50+ international websites from a single content management (CMS) infrastructure.

Often these websites can be combined with a digital commerce platform to create an integrated branding and shopping experience.


customer applications

While much of our work is related to digital commerce, we often create bespoke customer experiences from scratch. These applications are often the digital channel a business uses to interact with its customers. Through a thorough co-creation process, we define and design customer journeys and implement these in our iterative process.

These applications are usually digital company services that can’t be captured in an ‘off the shelf’ system and require a bespoke design and implementation trajectory and are often built in conjunction with a digital commerce or content platform, as they become part of the overall experience and customer journeys.

enterprise applications and APIs

Typically, creating experiences targeted at the end-user also means we will create tools aimed at the business user. These tools are often used to manage the customer's digital experience or internal business processes and logic.

While we try to implement these systems using off-the-shelf tools (either SAAS or open-source), sometimes these simply don’t fit or introduce a lot of complexity that we don’t want.

Examples of these applications include:

  • Pricing rule engines and public APIs for b2b or b2c e-commerce solutions, where business rules can be configured to determine individual customer product prices.
  • Custom order management tools, integrated with tightly secured fulfilment systems to often process sensitive data.