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JavaScript is the language for the web. We use its ecosystem and particularly TypeScript extensively for both front-end and back-end development.

The JavaScript ecosystem and its community has grown tremendously over the past years. At Lab Digital, we have settled on ReactJS as our go-to client-side ecosystem, and around 2017 we started to embrace TypeScript as our JS dialect of choice fully. Using TypeScript instead of vanilla JavaScript is an easy win in regards to our focus on maintainability and robustness.

But it is not just the front-end that we implement with JavaScript anymore. Next to Python in the back-end, we use NodeJS as a first-class back-end environment. This is especially powerful in combination with tools such as Apollo GraphQL and serverless environments. And the ability for teams to work on both the frontend and backend in the same language gives us added flexibility.

technologies used

  • React for building user interfaces
  • Next.js for server-side rendering
  • Apollo GraphQL as API between client and server
  • Jest for automated testing
  • Prettier and ESLint for code style

we're looking for a

senior backend engineer

Contact us to hear more about our career framework for senior javascript engineers. We offer a modern foundation for your ambitions and growth.