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Working with SAAS and Cloud services is a daily business. We pioneer through creating our own tools to do this efficiently.

Working with SaaS services is very common these days, at least for us. A lot of functionality that used to be implemented through writing code or including libraries in your project is now provided as a service through a 3rd party API.

This approach is called MACH, or Composable Architecture, and is something that we embraced early on, having been a user of several API-First SaaS services for a long time.


Many of our projects leverage these services, and we work with them on a daily basis. To improve our way of working with these systems and services we have created several tools ourselves in order to deal with these systems properly.

This started with the creation of Terraform providers for different services and led us to create a technology and service-independent framework that we’ve called MACH composer. All of our tools are open source and are widely used by the MACH and Composable community.


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