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When you apply for a new job, it’s not just a role, you’re choosing a company. Work-life balance, freedom, and an inclusive and safe culture are important to us. We are responsible to facilitate and create opportunities for your growth. Combined with our passion for technology, we might be a good place for you?


We are passionate about technology, including open-source, and are motivated to stay current while leveraging the best tools and methods for the job. Mostly composable e-commerce platforms. However, we are also careful with selecting and using, or building/contributing to, technologies, as we will need to support them for years to come.

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Cloud-Native engineering

JavaScript development

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we are part of society and bear the responsibility to give back and make an impact

An impact that is even greater because we are a unified team. We are Lab Digital; our DNA is formed by individuals. That’s why the fit as a person is valued over everything else. With every new person, our DNA changes and enhances the company culture even more. Our personal touch defines us. We are tech, creative, and understand our client's business. We continue to grow—the right way.


“It’s empowering to be able to work on complex issues and share these with the world, allowing people to help out or use your solutions and advance our discipline.”

Boris Besemer


“Lab Digital allows me the opportunity to give back to the Open Source community we all benefit so much from, on company time!”

Bram Kaashoek


“Developing open source code motivates me to create the most beautiful written and documented code. After all, the whole world can see it!”

Kors van Loon

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