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we've joined the MACH alliance

Composable commerce in practice means that adopters will need to work with several SaaS-vendors. Over the years, we have built many partnerships with a number of individual vendors. As experienced practitioners, we have shaped tools, processes and knowledge into a body of best practices that can benefit the composable commerce community.


building stronger partnerships

To help us build stronger partnerships and expand our role within the industry we have joined the MACH Alliance, a vendor-neutral non-profit organisation whose goal is to educate and support the industry in understanding what the next generation of technology can deliver. The MACH Alliance’s mission is to aid in the transition from legacy infrastructure and architecture to modern, scalable, composable solutions.


As part of the Alliance we will be working even closer with MACH vendors such as commercetools, Amplience, Contentful & Algolia, and fellow agencies such as Valtech and CapGemini. Together we can advocate for composable technologies and architecture, to ensure that every business has access to and can benefit from the tools that they need to be successful with their digital platforms in the future.


we are experts

We are experts in designing and developing modern composable architectures with a track record of several large-scale implementations. Through our composable services practice, we help you understand and identify your requirements and envision and design your future-fit composable commerce stack accordingly.

giving back to the community

We believe strongly in giving back to the community through the tools that we develop, including our open-source MACH Composer toolset. This solution offers a structured and standardised approach so that anyone can manage and deploy complex, SaaS-powered microservice applications with a minimum of setup and effort to maintain.