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MACH accelerates your digital transformation.

We are experts in composable architecture, from strategy to execution.

we help create your MACH strategy

Businesses are looking for speed and agility from their IT departments to meet customers' ever-changing needs. This is the primary driver to replace older legacy technology with MACH.

MACH technology is considered a state-of-the-art and best practice approach to building enterprise digital commerce and experience platforms that are flexible and able to stand the test of time. It is also called Composable Architecture.

Being an early adopter and practitioner for many years, we believe composable commerce gives you complete control and flexibility over your technology stack.

We are experts in modern composable architectures with a track record of several large-scale implementations, as well as an extensive library of tools and practices that standardise and industrialise how to build these.

With our strategy practice, we help you understand and identify your requirements and envision and design your future-fit MACH stack accordingly.

our MACH partnerships and services

Building composable architectures these days means you will work with several vendors. These technologies often need to be integrated to build an end-to-end experience.

Over the years, we have built many partnerships with a number of vendors and integrated their technologies into our stack, both of which are growing on an ongoing basis.

Furthermore, as we saw a new way of working arise - the need for integrating many SaaS and Cloud services - we have captured our ways of working into the MACH composer framework, which standardised this. It is fully open-source and developed continuously.

  • Years of experience: 5
  • Currently considered best in class headless SAAS commerce platform
  • Premier partner
  • Years of experience: 2
  • A leading headless SAAS CMS platform
  • Years of experience: 1
  • A leading headless SAAS CMS platform
  • Years of experience: 3
  • A leading headless SAAS CMS platform
  • An open-source, headless and non-headless CMS and DXP
  • Years of experience: 10
  • Lab Digital is an active open source contributor
  • Years of experience: 10
  • Cloud environment in which cloud-native applications are built
  • Years of experience: 7
  • Cloud environment in which cloud-native applications are built
  • Years of experience: 3
  • Technology for creating unified graphs, which are essential for composable architectures
  • Years of experience: 1
  • Front–end hosting & development workflow platform


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