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our company culture

Our culture continues to evolve as our organisation grows. Some values have been carried along since the beginning. But it’s never set in stone.

In the morning, everyone who walks in will greet each other 😄 You’ll hear a mix of Dutch and English. It’s an informal atmosphere where we don’t shy away from jokes, assuming they are appropriate.

how it looks

We designed our new office ourselves; to ensure that we included what is important to everyone. There is a lot of green in our office. Every corner you turn, you’ll see plants 🌿 It really helps with having an enjoyable space. All (islands of) desks are flexible, although teams have a specific spot where they settle down on their team days. The team spaces have everything needed, from the TV screen to whiteboards, to facilitate them as much as possible. There are no separate offices, only meeting rooms.

You’ll see people working alone with headphones on or pair programming. If you want to isolate yourself for a bit, there’s space to do that as well. You can speak to anyone anytime, but we encourage people not to disturb someone every five minutes. And during lunch, you’ll see teams venture out to our kitchen or walk to the supermarket. We love eating together.

During lunch, you’ll see teams venture out to our kitchen or take a walk to the supermarket. Eating together in our seating area or on our balcony ☀️

working hours

We have flexible working hours in consultation with your team. Work-life balance is important to us. So, we don’t work overtime. Overall, it’s an atmosphere that’s easy. People feel right at home.

We’re all passionate people, which you can feel when talking to us. Want to know more? Reach out to Vivianne.