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the new face of learning: slbdiensten's technological impact


the challenge

The challenge was to build a future-proof digital platform where technology seamlessly supports SLBdiensten’s services towards their clients. For this, it was essential to identify where the bottlenecks were in the current process and platform and to determine from a business need perspective what the ideal platform should entail.

  • Strengthen competitiveness through a bespoke price-engine solution, highlighting SLBdiensten’s USP
  • Embark in a multidisciplinary transformation project: consultancy, project-product management and re-platforming
  • Integrate 3 different business lines within a single platform
our approach

A team of customer experience designers and visual designers, developers, testers, a project manager and program manager was a good match for the SLB team

  • Match proven best practices in design and technology with extensive end-user validation
  • Turn IT from hindrance to enabler by minimising manual work through composable architecture
  • Conduct stakeholder interviews on technical as well as conceptual tracks and report on the results, positively impacting the Customer Life Cycle

technology & tools

The platform is based on infrastructure in Microsoft Azure. It is founded on MACH principles with Commercetools as the primary e-commerce engine, integrated with an open-source Wagtail CMS and a custom-made developed price engine. The platform integrates seamlessly both Dynamics 365 Business Central and Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, developed by Broad Horizon Solutions.


about slbdiensten

Since its founding in 1992, SLB Group has become a key software intermediary for the Dutch educational market. Its services make the purchasing of licenses cheaper and easier for students and staff, allowing them quick access to up-to-date software. Limiting the financial burden on education, SLBdiensten today provides its services to nearly all educational institutions in the Netherlands.